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….deals with imagery, science and technology during more than 4 decades, where photogrammetry meets computing and academia meets business and management.


October 1st, 1992, was the kick-off of a new Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology [Austria]. Click here for a link to the 20th anniversary home page.



1st of October 2013 marked my entry into the status of Professor Emeritus . See some memorabilia from the send-off event by Graz University of Technology here and move to the bottom of that page.




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has been the first and foremost interest with employments at the

  • Graz University of Technology [Austria],
  • International institute for Geoinformation and Earth Observation [ITC, Delft and Enschede, The Netherlands], now organized as a Faculty of the University of Twente,
  • California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory [JPL], Pasadena [California, USA] 




Franz Leberl's laudatio for Prof. Wolfgang Förstner [University Bonn, Germany]

at the occasion of the academic ceremony at Graz University of Technology, awarding Prof. Förstner a Doctorate Honoris Causa in 2011




had its attraction of clear measures of success or failure, and of unparalleled flows of adrenaline at

  • Markhurd Corp. [Minneapolis, USA] as its CEO
  • Vexcel Corp. [Boulder, Colorado, USA] as its founder, CEO later as a member of its Board of Directors,
  • Microsoft Corp. [USA] as a result of the sale of the Vexcel firms to Microsoft and in the function of "evangelist" and of  working as a Director of the Virtual Earth business unit


Dr. John Curlander and Franz Leberl partnering in Vexcel Corporation from 1992 until the company's sale to Microsoft in 2006









exists wherever research is being conducted. It has thus been part of all professional activities. The need for business and academic skills drove employment at the

  • Institute of Digital Image Processing DIBAG at Joanneum Research in Graz [Austria] as its founder and director;
  • Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf ARCS, now under the new name Austrian Institute of Technology AIT in Seibersdorf and Vienna [Austria] as its CEO.





First of the 7-pages of the CEO's statement introducing the 1997 Annual Report of the Austrian Research Centers, completed in February 1998. Click on the picture to access the entire 7 pages about a tumultous 1997, and about perspectives for 1998 and beyond. An 8th page simply shows the Annual Report's title sheet.