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X-MAS 2018 | FEBRUARY 2019

From left: Jakob (~14) | Traudl | Maike | Franz | Josphine (~9) | Kerstin | Tracy

Christmas Tree in St. Anton am Arlberg


From left: Kerstin | Josephine | Franz | Jakob | Traudl | Maike on Top of Kapall in St. Anton am Arlberg


From left: Kerstin | Maike | Jakob | Franzi | Traudl | Jospehine in Mittersill (State of Salzburg), February 2019








With my brother Peter [born 1948] on the last day of summer vacations in Kirchberg am Wechsel [Lower Austria] in 1957


With my father Franz & mother Dorothea, taken in late 1945 in my birth place Gersdorf [Sachsen/Saxonia, Germany]


The obligatory family picture taken before my departure to my first job in The Netherlands in 1968/9. Our ages were 23 for me, 20 for my brother, 51 for my father and 49 for my mother.


"Franz" has been the prevailing male first name in our family. This shows 3 generations of "Franz" in 1990. Since my grand father and great-grandfather also were Franz,  the little one is Franz V.


Franz at 21                                                                                      Traudl at 19                   

A premarital summer on the Eastern beaches of Corsica in 1966. Married in 1969


The nuclear family in 1989 in Denver. Kerstin then was 18, Maike 7 and Franzi 1 year old


The  nuclear family on Kerstin's wedding day in Boulder [Colorado] in July 2001. Franzi is 12, Maike 19


The importance of skiing in the family gets illustrated by Kerstin checking out her new skis in the Pasadena-summer in California, after we had purchased them in a garage sale



Family interests get illustrated by many pictures from recent Arlberg winters with a permanent residence in St. Anton am Arlberg since 2007. This is with Kerstin in 2012 on top of Schindlergrat looking south. My hat is also shown in a 1983 Kitzsteinhorn-photo in "Skiing".


Baptizing the grandchildren Jakob and Josephine in the  catholic village church of St. Anton am Arlberg . The officiating village priest is father Augustin, Jan 2011.

Typical family activity on the Albona North slope with grandchild Jakob,  age 7, helped by his mother Kerstin after losing both skis in a fall. Opa Franz holds a lost ski and expertly observes, Feb-2012.

Kerstin [41] with her children Jakob [7] and Josephine [2]

June 2012 | Natters | Innsbruck | Austria

Son Franzi [23] and my brother Peter [64] at the occasion of my aunt Liesi's 90th birthday near Wr. Neustadt, May-2012


On a cool July day [with sweaters] at the top of the Galzig mountain in St. Anton am Arlberg. © Tracy Anderson

July-2012: Daughter Kerstin with husband, children and in-laws at the Galzig tram station. From left: Traudl | Franz | Kerstin | Josephine | Tracy | Jakob | Gina & Andy Anderson. © Tracy Anderson

Kerstin-Traudl-Maike in front of the Laughing Goat coffe house on a November-sunday in 2014 in Boulder, Colorado


A 2014-snapshot from a festive birthday dinner for Jake O'Neal [to the right] while he visited the Arlberg and his buddy Franzi [to the left]. The picture could be under "Skiing" or "Friends" but since I was critized that Franzi gets short shrift vis-avis the girls shown above, I thought this was the right place to show Franzi at age 25 in a characteristic activity.