Ultracam Concepts Illustrated

Basic Facts about the UltraCam-Project in a Few Illustrations, Taken from a Publication Entitled "The UltraCam Story".

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The patented idea of the UltraCam:

Assembling a large image from 9 smaller image tiles, collected separately via 4 optical systems or cones. Adding color from 4 separate optical cones by "pansharpening"



The 9 tiles from 4 lenses are being  merged or "stitched" into a seamless large  format image using tile overlaps, complex calibrations and mathematical models of material properties


Syntopic Imaging:

An airplane's forward motion supports feometrical identy of the individual cones by exposing each optical subsystem at the precise same location in 3D space



Swath Width:

From 11,000 pixel swaths in 2003 to 20,000 in 2011 via smaller CCD pitches, miniaturization and tighter integration. Today exists the 4th generation system


Market Penetration: http://homepage....html

2012 saw the number of installed cameras exceed 264 [status February]. Camera & add-ons may exceed an investment volume of US$ 1 million for the customer


Market Share:

The sum of installations represents a 45% share of the global market. Recent sales results represent a significantly larger share. Multiple camera models exist today


UltraCam Family:

The UltraCam Eagle as the top model [front] is accompnaied by a middle format UltraCam Lp [back] and the UltraCam XpWA - Wide Angle [middle]



Microsoft-internal camera with swath width at ~ 30,000 pixel. For large area orthoproduction in the "Global Ortho Project" for 2-year production of > 10.5 mio km2 orthos at 30 cm

UltraMap Software Evolution:

The camera is accompanied by a growing software system for the photogrammetric workflow from photos to aerial triangulation, dense matching and ortho-production.